Unique hats


Fashion Fez

Based on a design by Charles James from the late 140's this Fez style dress hat exudes class and style

Brand/Era: Custom Made Bertacchi, Modern Make

Cost: 25.00/Weekly

Materials: Vintage velvet, glass beaded tassel, buckram base, wired brim

Size: 56



Mystic Hat

An over the top theatrical style this hat is made out of periwinkle blue silks and gold lamé

Brand/Era: No Brand, Modern Make

Cost: 10.00/Weekly

Materials: Cap base, polyester stuffing, fabric, feather

Size: XL




This hat wouldn't be amiss amongst the toughest fishermen. Made of sturdy and waterproof materials this hat is a go to for the outdoors.

Brand/ Era: Cappelleria Bertacchi, Modern Make


Materials: Polyester lining, nylon outer

Size: 59